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Friday, May 18, 2012

Urban School Teacher Blues

Original Artwork by 7 year old Keith Norris Jr.
(pictorial poetry at it's finest)

I've never written a haiku.  I have been known to write a high coo, though.

The month of June welcomes our Poetry Unit, in my classroom.  I am oh so selective in the poems I choose for my students to read. Time is precious, and so is the word. I do not call myself a poet. I cannot write poems, but I try, every once in a while, to write a poette strictly from the heart.

High Coo: Working Overtime
I'm not supposed to
Keep at home each students' poem
But I do just that

Poette: Urban School Teacher Blues
at the computer
Over the Sonia Sanchez words
I type out
For my students' poetry folders

at the copier
In the main office
Because their silent stares
are thinking
'she's not teaching what we told her'

This is only my 2nd blog post, on this blog site, because that's how busy the school year has been. I work diligently to ensure that my students will own the mic, the pen, and their mind.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Storrow Soundtrack

Guest Blogger in the house

You ever in a car when it breaks down on the side of the road, and you start to think, 'is no one stopping because they don't want to stop for me, or they just wouldn't stop for anyone?'

The answer is that they don't want to stop for anyone. 

My home girl, she's a clear person. She's young, professional, and attractive. Her car broke down on an extremely busy, city route. I didn't believe her when she called me, and told me that the police, cab, or tow truck had not arrived to come to her rescue, and it had been over an hour. 

"You're kidding me, right? How can they not have come? That street is mad dangerous. Its just around the corner from police stations. Are you sure you called the right number?" I am doubting her efforts to come to her own rescue.

"Yeah, I called the cops." She huffed. "Per your request, remember. I told you they wouldn't do sh$t."

She's so funny. She did have a point. She wanted to figure it out without calling the cops. Which was so weird to me, because I *knew* that the cops would come help her; simply for her's, and the other cars' safety on that road.

"They have to come. Its their job." I re-spit.  

(Now here is where I start to reflect.) This post is not a rant, nor filled with heated attitude. Its more of a, confused, "are my thoughts even my own?", kind of moment. I am tripped up. Its true. I feel straight tripped.  I know that if that had happened to me, or any other woman that I knew, I'd think it was a race thing. Wait, the story gets better....

My homegirl is also a public school teacher in the city in which her car stalled, and she told that to the police officer(s) as well. 

She also stood out there for quite close to three hours.

In the dark.

Then her hazards went out. She saw only ONE police officer drive by, and it was a statey who drove by, looked at her, and then kept going? WHAT?!

3 police stations, two cab companies, and one tow truck - each stating to her that they were on their way. WHAT?

I know that I would not possibly be able to convince myself that her story were true, if I had not been on the phone with her several times while she was stuck out there.  Yet the story is true; and that is why I feel tript ( I can't help it,  I love spelling it that way when I am referring to a concept rather than a slipped step.) I am tript up at the fact that this story is true, yet my brain/"wisdom", would not believe it because she's a nice, white, school teacher, who's car broke down in a "no stopping zone", in a dangerous highway.

I am also tript up because I know that my mind would also believe that this could never happen to a white girl, IF this story had happened to someone else. If it was any female of color, I would have been convinced that it was racist cops who caused this problem - YET it did happen to an 'innocent' white professional woman, and I was so confused when the cops didn't come to her rescue. She wasn't confused, though. I was. I follow a story-line that disguises itself as 'insight' into social politics. I also *ignorantly* believed that she wouldn't, naturally, help herself in this predicament, and would just wait for the big man to fix it for her. She knew The Man wouldn't. She said to me, "There's nothing the cops can do that I can't do for myself. Why the (bleep) would they care that I broke down on the side of the road? Like they give a (bleep)." She spoke from experience, I guess. She said all that as I was all,..."They have to come. Its their job." 

Now that I reflect back, I was dissapointed when the cops didn't follow through with helping out this white chick.  

She wasn't dissapointed. She laughed and said, "surprise, surprise." 

Yeah, surprise to me. 

What's worse in this life? Not having enough faith in the people whom you should? Or having too much faith in those whom you shouldn't? 

I believe in some hype that I can no longer define - 'cause I used to call it 'truth'.